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Google Reader is closing. Any good alternatives?

Since Google will be closed in June (or July) do not remember exact date I became a little sad since I was using that during last years as a primary source for news reading, and probably that was the most visited site by me hhmmmm, may be more than email or facebook. So after sad news I have started to search for something new where I can customize my RSS feed and filter information I need and like to read and avoid all the crap from the Internet. After some time my search ended with two sites. 1. 2. Probably 2nd one looks cool, but it has limited options for RSS feed and tries to offer me a lot of stupid staff which I really do not need. The first one is almost a clone of Google reader and honestly I was happy to find that! At the moment have some issues but hope will become better much better and will have longer life than Google Reader. Also recently found an app on my surface for news reading, but hell, really I do not need your