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Consuming Web API using JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest method

Using JavaScript with remote services by calling REST, JSON, WCF or other web service will decrease data round trips and will allow to create reach web interfaces. For demo I will use Visual Studio 2012 and MVC4. Client call will be hosted in MVC4 page and service will be provided by WebAPI which is also based on MVC4. Lets first see how it works in one server environment, more complex scenario will be in next posts.  Start Visual Studio 2012 and create a web site using  ASP.NET MVC4 Web Application  template.   Then choose  Basic  template without creating test project. Create HomeController and corresponding View which will response to root address I want to skip details about creating controllers and views, you can find a lot of samples and blog posts about it. On next step I will create another controller which will response to JavaScript calls. To create WebAPI page right click on  Controllers  folder and click on  Add / Web API Controller class .

File Strider

Just was playing with WPF and as a result created small tool which scans disk and shows top 50 folders and files consuming space. So visit Tool is open source and under Microsoft Public License, get from