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Biometric authentication methods

Introduction There are three methods for authentication. Most widely used is “what you know”, which requires to provide secret information like login and password, pin code or passphrase. The second method is “something you have”, which will require a magnetic card, card with RFID chip, flash card or smart card. The third method is “what you are”, these methods will require providing something which is unique for you and cannot be passed to someone else, it can be fingerprints, voice, retina or face geometry scans. “What you are” method is also called biometric method and based on biometrical characteristics which distinguish one person from another (Cavoukian, 1997). Present Let call “what you know” and “what you have” methods “traditional”. Traditional methods are about not to identify a subject as a such, and tools used for authentication are easy to forget and loos. The oldest and still used biometric authentication method is handwriting signatures, which is very weak authe