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Security overdone?

Introduction While planning and developing web sites we always should keep in mind that someone always will be paranoid with it. So being paranoid with security will keep us away from security issues we can meet after production. As more popular will be our web site, then more paranoid should be security. With internet technologies explosion and content enhancing, migrating to dynamic pages, payment systems integration web sites became more vulnerable [1]. Who is who? A threat is a potential problem and bad thing which can occur with your system and data. Vulnerability is a weak area where threat can occur. It can be after bad design, weak data encryption or sensitive information storing on client side without encryption [4]. Vulnerable areas So where we can potentially have a breach? Well-designed application will be built on layers like database, business, communication, user interface. So each layer as communication between layers is a potential security problem. Authentication imp

HTML 5 thoughts

How it was World Wide Web technology is young enough in comparison with the Internet.  Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) was proposed by Tim Berners- Lee, scientist from CERN, in 1989. The version was not so flexible and contained only 18 elements – tags. It was used to build web pages, the primary information container in World Wide Web [1]. Bereners-Lee is the director of World Wide Web Consortium, Web standards organization founded in 1994. The organization develops standards, tools and software which support Web [2]. HTML became very popular with Netscape browser bust in 1990’s when it was the primary browser and was the synonym of web browsing. Having Netscape that days was meaning having access to the Internet. The war Some companies released own browsers with HTML support and in 1990’s there were only few players in that area. At the beginning two primary browsers where available Netscape browser and Internet Explorer by Microsoft Corporation. Internet Explorer became a part of