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Artificial Intelligence, thoughts ....

Artificial Intelligence is a part of engineering science which is about computer intelligence. Especially it intelligent computer programs which engage the behaviors that human considers intelligent. Since old times people tried to create intelligent mechanism which could understand and be smart enough to response and help. At this moment AI is becoming the reality. Engineers can create machines and software which will respond to our actions like moves, speech recognition and even mimics. Apple Computers works on software which will automatically recognize your face and unlock device like your mobile, tablet or PC [1]. Microsoft created exciting feature Kinect which recognizes player’s 3D body motion and can track body movement and communicate with game player[3]. In 1997 Deep Blue [5] computer system was able to beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov [4], Kasparov said that Deep Blue demonstrated deep intelligence and creativity during the game. The central problem of Artificia

Indexing and Hashing

|If data is indexed it means that there is a one another file or source which stores information where each record or records with the same criteria are stored. Without index whole data scan will be required and if there are thousands of records it will take time to get a record which is required. If the request has some parameters which will need to compare some fields of stored records it will drastically increase search time. Creating new indexes will increase index file size and during time it can become very large so index retrieval process can slow records reading time, also any data modification will trigger changes in index file. Also during time index information can be fragmented so there will be need in index rebuild or reorganization depending on fragmentation percentage. In a hashed file, data is distributed and divided into blokes, which are called buckets, and buckets are the data container for records. Buckets are created with special algorithm. A record can be easily