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Business Rules Engine implementation to Message Flow

At this post I want to show how you can use message routing with BRE (Business Rules Engine) It will allow information workes, analysts and admins to change routing condition values without code changes, recompilations and downtime. Scenario: Message will be taken from a folder. Checked if value is greater than 1000 it will be moved to folder BIG, else it will be moved to folder small. Then Admin will change value to 2000 from BRE without code recompiling and downtime. Lets first create BizTalk Project in Visual Studio Then I will create Order Schema Then will create 2 new elements: OrderID(string), VIP (boolean) and Amount(integer) VIP field will be use to identify VIP order, which will be changed by BRE Also if should be Distinguished field Then create Routing orchestration where I will use just created Schema as input and output type. Create new Message with new OrderSchema type, Receive and Send Shapes. Create Receive port and assign it to receive shape Crea