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DTA Purge and Archive Job Failed

Yes! It does not work "by default" when you install fresh BizTalk Server How to fix it ?! Open properties of the job and select Steps Select Archive and Purge the only step and click Edit change the parameters of the procedure @nLiveHours tinyint to 1 @nLiveDays tinyint to 0 @nHardDeleteDays tinyint to 0 @nvcFolder nvarchar(1024) to '\\MyServer\backup' @nvcValidatingServer sysname to null @fForceBackup int to 0 the edited command should look like exec dtasp_BackupAndPurgeTrackingDatabase 1, 0, 1, 'c:\backup', null, 0 save it and try to run job one more time

Reporting - IIF inside Sum gives unexpected #error in expression

Yes ! Was really confused with this error when saw it, missing details of the errors made me crazy after 1 hour I got an idea. so how it looked for the first time =Sum(IIf(Fields!ContractID.Value <> 0, Fields!hours.Value,0)) I was 100% sure that it should work , but it did not !!!! the reason is in  Fields!hours.Value , it returns STRING which cannot participate in Sum  expression yes, now it's clear. So expression should look like =Sum(IIf(Fields!ContractID.Value <> 0,CDbl(Fields!hours.Value),0.0)) hope this will save your time !!!