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Reports integration with ASP.NET and WPF applications using Visual Studio and Report Builder 3.0

In this post I would like to show how to integrate very powerful reporting engine with your .NET application. As Database I will use SQL Server 2008R2, ReportBuilder 3 (free tool by MS), and Visual Studio 2010 I also will download Adventure Works sample database from 1. Create blank report in Report Builder, change title of the report 2. From left pane select Data Sources and add new Adventure Works Source 3. From the left pane create new Data Set Change name of data set to SalesDataSet select Data Source you have created Then run Query designer to build Select script which will return Data Table 4. Select Production.WorkOrder.OrderQty Production.WorkOrder.DueDate Production.Product.ProductID Production.Product.Name Click Ok, in Parameter from Left pane add @Year as a parameter then modify Query so it will include Year filter SELECT   SUM(Production.WorkOrder.OrderQty) AS Sum_OrderQty   ,Production.Product.Name   ,Month(Production.WorkOrder.DueDate) a