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Exception handling in Orchestrations

I am back from WPC with lot of news, so soon will publish new articles about BizTalk Server 2010 and will include posts about AppFabric which will become a part of Windows Server in future releases and (it seems to me) will be tightly coupled with BizTalk Server At this post I would like to explain error handling in orchestrations and show how to make it with divide by zero exception. 1. first of all create new scope which will be the equivalent to try in .NET 2. add expression to scope 3. set expression to V = 6; V = 5 / (6-V); // this line with throw divide by zero exception where V is a decimal variable in orchestration 4. Right click on the scope and add exception block 5. Set Exception Object Type to System.ArithmeticException Exception Object Name to Ex 6. In exception block add Construct Message shape which will hold error description 7. Add Message Assignment shape to Construct Message shape 8. Set assignment expression to Message_3 = new System.Xml.XmlDocument(); M