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BizTalk Server 2010 Beta download

Using BAM for orchestration performance tuning

In this post I want to demonstrate how to use BAM to investigate potential
slow nodes and processing in your orchestration.

I have created a sample orchestration which has one transformation and one correlation blocks.
So I want to check the durations of:
1. Whole orchestration 2. Transformation 3. Correlation
Let's activate BAM plugin in MS Office 2007

Now I will create a view, which then will be associated with orchestration Note that while creating view and activity I will not need BizTalk Server or a connection at all.
1. From Add-ins menu open BAM/BAM Activity 2. Click New Activity 3. Type BAMSample in Activity Name 4. Click New Item 5. Name it Orchestration Start, set item type to Business Milestone 6. Add Item Orchestration End 7. Add Item Transformation Start 8. Add Item Transformation End 9. Add Item Correlation Start 10. Add Item Correlation End
11 Click OK 12. Click Ok
Now view will be created
13. Click Next to start wizard 14. Select Create new view 15. Click Next
16. Set view name to BAM Samp…

New BizTalk Server 2009 course for IT pros is released!

The course is available for download on Courseware web site

For details check: