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Licensing Adapter Pack for BizTalk Server

Very common question! For the first time I also thought that Adapter Pack is free .......... NO :-( it should be licensed So : 1. It is licensed per processor 2. It is not included in any other software 3. All customers can purchase it 4. Customers can purchase it through Volume Licensing Channels and on MSDN Enjoy it :-)

New BizTalk Server 2009 course for IT

Check for new course on Courseware Library Course 50371A: Deploying and Managing Business Process and Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to Deploying, Managing Business Process and Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009. The course focuses on how to deploy and manage BizTalk applications in a production environment. Short description of the course § Describe SOA principles, interoperability and the role of BizTalk Server in your Organization. § Describe services and tools provided in BizTalk Server 2009. § Install BizTalk Server 2009 in a computer and in a multi-server environment. § Install and configure SharePoint Services. § Deploy and manage Adapter Pack. § Deploy BizTalk Server Applications to a BizTalk Server 2009 computer. § Manage port settings and troubleshoot Applications. § Manage and monitor BizTalk Server Applications

How to backup BizTalk Server

All settings of BizTalk Server are located in MS SQL Server So it is enough to Backup SQL Server databases 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio 2. Expend S QL Server Agent 3. Open Jobs 4. Open properties of Backup BizTalk Server job 5. In Steps select Backup Full and press Edit 6. Set Destination to C:\BackupFolder 7. Click Next , go to MarkAndBackupLog 8. Set Destination to C:\Backupfolder 9. Click Next 10. Click Next 11. Right click on Backup BizTalk Server job 12. Select Start Job At Step 13. Click Start 14. Check if backup was successful You can schedule backup job in properties of the Job

XML debatch in pipeline

Last month I had a post were described how to debatch XML message in orchestration using XPath. How I wrote it is not the best solution , in case if you will have hundreds of records the debatching using XPath will consume too much memory and processor. In this post I am going to show how to debatch using pipeline. The sample will fetch multiple records from MS SQL database and after debatching put them to folder. How to create simple WCF-SQL ports and SQL polling you can read in my old post I will use the same procedure and table to generate Schemas and PortTypes In generated schema change envelop type to yes Next click on TypePolling which is the root for schema In properties find Body XPath and edit it as in picture is Then change the last node to have Max Occurs = 1 Now we should remove hidden stones :-) When you