Orchestration Debug with System.Diagnostics.Debug and Parallel shapes in orchestration

In this post I want to show alternate method for Debug and demonstrate how Parallel shape
works in orchestration.

1. Create new orchestration
2. Create first receive port
3. Insert Parallel Actions shape
4. Add to shape 2 branches
5. Add 8 Expressions

So your orchestration should look like
6. edit each expression shape
Expression_1 :

Expression_2 :

Expression_3 :

Expression_4 :


Expression_8 :

Download DebugView Utility from
great tool by Mark Russinovich

Create a simple xml which will start orchestration

Start debug view
Enable Capture Global Win32, Enable Verbose Kernel Output
Start orchestration
and check for output !

Same trick you can use in your Window applications, Windows services and WPF applications.


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